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how about using travertine inside the shower? Is it a good chose? how to take care of it?

travertine w/its porous structure and versatilas patterns brings simply unique look to our places. It is so much easy for travertine but is it easy for us to take care of it ? Actually it starts from the beginning. If you think it starts with sealing for me no, it starts w/ which thickness you use. Because if you use a thicker pcs especially for flooring means you will have flexibility to clean the surface w/ a kind of brushing after an accident etc. After talking about thickness we are ready to talk about sealing. the best way is to seal your stones just after the installation if they are not sealed at the factory. and the clue is cleaning well after installation with a soft soapless cleaner and rinse it off well. If there are some ground in holes after installation it is better to use half bleach half soft soapless cleanser then left it for some time like an hour then clean it twice rinse it off well and left for drying. and personally I can offer howering the surface after drying process for the small dusts on it. If you seal the stone well in your first application the next steps will be much more easier. repeating sealing process approximately once a year will be fine but it must be kept in mind it depends how much you use the shower, what kind of soap you use while you take shower and also the hardness's of your water is important. never use acidic cleanser or a kind of ingredient which is acidic. if you think about its wellness

you can be sure about it the happiness of your tiles will be back to your places as a big smile on your face for long years.


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