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Marble Tile VS.Travertine Tile

Any indoor / outdoor project can be overwhelming with too many flooring options and also different type of designs. Choosing the right material and being sure if it fits your place best will make you feel better.

So we discuss what the travertine is in our earlier posts and but why is it the one of the best options for an outdoor deck or patio? Travertine is a porous type of limestone typically found in Mediterranean as mediterranean stones serves from Turkish quarries. It usually forms in caves or around hot springs. Unlike most natural stone tiles, travertine is durable and so easy to clean. Regardless of which type of tile you choose. Travertine tile is great for outdoor projects because of its ability to absorb water and stains. You can also choose the honed and filed tiles, which are great for the inside of your place because of its smooth beautiful finish.

Marble tiles for indoor are usually chosen as polished for modern look and for outdoors you can use as pavers and with different finishings.

when we talk for outdoor because of its structure travertine will look more smooth and marble will look rough. And most finishings are suitable for both of them. because of being porous we can simply say marble pavers maybe a bit more suitable for outdoor use for the places which has tough winter conditions.

Travertine may need sealing more when we compare w/ marble. but it can be sealed left with its natural finish. This works perfectly for any areas that would be getting wet, like an outdoor patio with a pool. Travertine is much more durable than marble and does not deteriorate over time. This ensures that your place will keep its beautiful look.

we maybe discuss this compression in a different post more detailed.

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