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Which thickness is the best ?

There are some basic questions that we ask at our first speech w/ our dealers. Size, thickness and the quantity maybe the first three comes after color maybe. The best must be which one suits your projects best also. because thickness is related with some different conditions;

1) structure of the material and production ability ; we all know we like stones because they came from nature and they are naturally unique. when we say unique we do not determine how they looks we also determine their structure too. for example when we say travertine not all travertines are in same rigidity it is also same for marble or onyx or slate or limestone etc. of course first step must be type of the stone then the second can be the area where It comes from. this structure and the rigidity brings two things ; first if the material is more fragile then it may be better to cut it more thick or may do different production processes as adding epoxy step to the process, or making beveled edge of all tiles or putting backsplash etc. it must be kept in mind all these applications will make the production cost and by that pricing higher.

2) where you use; instead of comparing wall installation or floor installation it maybe better to define weather condition where you install stone or will it be stay wet or dry, it must be kept in mind all natural stones has an absorption rate of water which may cause cracks when the weather conditions are rough of course if they are not sealed. and also sealings are not preventive for 100% and not last forever.

3) the finishing you prefer ; if you seal some finishings they may lost their unique look and also some finishing processes like tumbling are difficult to apply for thin stones in big sizes.

4) packing ; thin materials need better packing conditions because of being more fragile.

at last weight for kg/m2 is also important and of course as thing as you use it will decrease and will reduce the transport costs.

lets continue talking this issue in coming days.


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